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Millard and Eva Engle Scholarship  

The Millard and Eva Engle Scholarship was established by their children, Virginia (Russell) Smith and James (Ingrid) Engle, in May 2010 to honor their parents and also provide a family legacy to their life work and commitment to education in Caledonia and beyond. Together they contributed 43 years of service to the Caledonia Community Schools and community, and 80 years in Michigan Schools. With great love and admiration, this endowment was established to honor Millard and Eva and to inspire others in their pursuit of excellence within the field of education.

Both Millard and Eva were Cass County Normal graduates and taught in Cass County rural schools---Millard for 12 years and Eva for 2 years.  After receiving his degree from Western Michigan University, Millard taught and coached in Cassopolis, Fremont, and Middleville.  Upon completion of his Master’s Degree from the University of Michigan, he was High School Principal at Lake Odessa and Caledonia.  He was a member of the Caledonia High School staff from 1957 until his death in 1975. 

Eva left teaching to raise a family but was involved in 4-H with sewing, foods, and counseling.  During World War II she was “called up” for teaching and taught again in rural schools and then in upper grades.  She graduated from Western Michigan University, where she majored in Remedial reading. She started the Remedial Reading program in the Caledonia Elementary Schools and continued until she retired in 1980. 

Administrative Guidelines

 The general eligibility criteria for an applicant to be considered for the Millard and Eva Engle Scholarship through the Caledonia Education Foundation is as follows:

1.  Member of the Caledonia High School senior class, on schedule to graduate.

2.  Cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better.

3.  Participation in service learning activities through school/community organizations.

4.  Good moral character and firmness of purpose as well as potential for success with post high school education verified by no more than two letters of reference.

5.  Application completed and turned in (with all attachments) no later than April 1.

 Special preference will be given to applicants that are pursuing a degree in education.

 Application and Selection Procedure

 Applications are available through the Caledonia High School Student Services office and must be turned in with all pertinent attachments by APRIL 1 of the current school year.

 Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee consisting of:

1.  Caledonia High School student services staff member

2.  Caledonia High School faculty member with senior class connections

3.  Representative from the Caledonia Education Foundation (either board member or director)

Applicants that best meet the criteria may be interviewed by the selection committee to discern which candidate(s) best represent Millard and Eva Engle, described by family and friends as outstanding people, who were much admired for their commitment to education and to students.

The Millard and Eva Engle Scholarship will be announced at the Caledonia High School Academic Awards Program, of which the recipient will be required to attend.   

 The Millard and Eva Engle Scholarship will not restrict selection on the basis of race, sex, family relationships or employment status.

The Millard and Eva Engle Scholarship will be awarded yearly, assuming there are candidates who meet the criteria.

The number and amount of scholarships will depend on the funds available and will be determined by the board of the Caledonia Education Foundation at their January meeting.

 The recipient(s) of the Millard and Eva Engle Scholarship will be awarded a certificate in their name and a check will be sent directly to the post-secondary institution they will be attending and deposited in the individual student’s account. 

Recipient’s Responsibility

The recipient will attend the CHS Academic Awards Ceremony, where they will receive their scholarship and be available for pictures.

If the recipient withdraws from the institution the scholarship is awarded to, the scholarship will be prorated and returned to the Millard and Eva Engle Scholarship endowment with CEF in a manner consistent with the policies of said institution.

Download the Millard and Eva Engle Scholarship Application



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